Legend has it that nobody can go to Horto only once....

Horto is a small coastal village located at the foot of southern Pelion, just 46km away from the city of Volos. The name was given to the village by Venetian merchants during the middle ages, and it derives from the word "Hortus", meaning "Garden" or "Paradise" in latin. The whole village spans alongside the Pagasetic Gulf line, combining all sorts of beach varrieties (sand or pebble) on a mild and safe sea, ideal for children and novice swimmers.

Although the village remains beautiful all year long, it really comes to life during the summer months, where it offers ground for a multitude of activities, ranging from hiking along the river and waterfalls on the mountain through diverse flora and the chance to see the indigenous fauna, to sea sports such as sailing or wind-surfing, to cultural events and art seminars, to even just relaxing and having a drink or coffee at the beach bars and cafes.

Horto's location is ideal as a starting point to get to know mount Pelion. With a short drive, you can visit the neighbouring village "Milina", famous for its fish taverns and nightlife, or head over to the tropical beaches of "Potistika", "Paltsi" and "Melani" on the Aegean side. Head up the mountain to the picturesque village of "Milies" for local pastry delicacies, a gourmet meal next to the old railroad station, or just go on a tour of Pelion witnessing the blending of sea and mountain in perfect harmony.

If you decide to forfeit cooking at home for the day, Horto offers a multitude of Cafes, Tavernas and Restaurants by the sea for a quick snack or a hearty meal, ranging from fish delicacies to cooked food and BBQ.

We believe that the best way to get to know Horto, other than being there, is through the eyes and words of the people who have been there. As such, we will not provide links to tourist guides. Instead, here are some links to community driven pages on facebook:

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